Our machine wefts are sewed in a triple-head sewing machine, giving a strong stitch near the root of the individual strands. Then these strands are stitched again in so that there is no shedding at all.  These are 100% Remy Temple Hair  which can be further colored into any other colors as per customers requirement.

Double machine weft hair is reinforced with a fold. It is stronger compared to the single machine weft. This product requires the help of a professional hairstylist for fixing

We assure to supply our customers with the best quality of hair with a shiny finish, with no shedding and nits free. We can support you by proving a huge quantity within a day or two ,we have our own factory and we always maintain a  good quantity of the stock as there is a  huge demand of this product for our company. We are one of the largest supplier of Extensions to US,Brazil and Europe.

We also have 1B Quality Hair, which is basically black color which further cannot be colored or dyed into any other colour which we sell at a very cost and many customers prefer this because its lower priced and easy to sell.

Some of the features of the product are :

Long Lasting Shine

No shedding

Tangle Free

Nits free

Uniform volume from roots to tips.


​            SHABANESA(Since 1989)

            Indian Human Hair Exports